Indemnity for Liability/ Publication Malpractice Policy

Submissions are accepted for publication if they do not infringe any copyright or other third-party rights. The work does not contain any material obscene, offensive, defamatory or racist. All entries will be checked for plagiarism by the editorial board. Posts that are political agenda, promoting fake news, offensive, or plagiarized will be rejected. The authors have an obligation and responsibility to disclose any information that has been used from other sources and is not the original idea of ​​the author. All authors are required to submit a signed copyright form, otherwise accepted blogs will not be published. 

In the scenario, any other claim regarding the author’s copyright comes up, or plagiarism exceeds the policy of The International Prism after publication. We will ask the author to respond to the objection and edit their article to comply with the conditions. If there is any other complaint about plagiarism or copyright valid, we will be bound to take down the manuscript immediately. 

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