As read in the previous article: The world is dotted with examples as countries try to mark their presence on the world map.

Here is a compilation of few countries and their soft power influence.

South Korea

Musical Korea

From the dance moves of Gangnam style to the crazy fans of Korean pop groups like BTS, Twice, Black pink and the oscar-winning movie Parasite along with a large following of Soft romance in the Korean Dramas.

Korea is the new leader of the entertainment industry apart from establishing its foothold in the cosmetic & fashion industry which has taken the world by storm.

You can find fans of Korean culture all around the world, they are in such a large quantity that they call themselves the ARMY.

There is nothing new that the Kpop industry fuels the South Korean economy in billions part from adding to its influence in the world. And Don’t forget to finish your Kimchi!


Magical Turkey

Turkey has been the hot spot of ancient and modern cultural influence. Situated at the crossroad of both Europe and Asia, Turkey boasts of a vast cultural heritage.

The enchanting landscapes from the Hot Air balloon safari in Cappadocia to the Hagia Sofia, TV shows winning hearts all around the globe and the Instagram reels of sipping Turkish coffee/tea while gazing at the colourful sky.

Turkey is the go-to place for many people looking for a flux of culture, heritage and cuisine.


Serene Japan

Japanese have always been the ancient leaders of soft power diplomacy exercising a huge influence all around the world and finds itself on the bucket list of 9/10 people.

Anime and Mangas (Naruto, One-piece, Dragon Ball Z, Attack on Titan, Death Note, you just name it and you will find a huge crowd with gleaming eyes all ready to express their joys)

Not only this Japanese landscape, cuisine (Ramen, Sake), cherry blossoms (Sakura) and heritage (Matcha Tea, Zen Gardens) also attracts a huge crowd of people every year, no doubt it’s a top tourist destination.

Many students try to have an exchange semester in Japan or get admitted to a university just to experience the magical land of the rising sun they have been longing for years.


Vibrant India

India’s is a mystical land. A land of vivid colours, diverse culture and spirituality. Often stated as related to elephants, cows, Gandhi and Taj Mahal India has a lot more to offer to those who embrace adventure and exploring.

From being a spiritual hub that is the birthplace of 4 Major religions, India boasts of rich culture and heritage tourism.

To Lofty palaces, warm people, Bollywood (Dancing Indians on trains) and Yoga and a vast geographical landscape to choose from India is a one-stop destination for many to experience an adrenaline rush.

Being situated at a strategic location and a global powerhouse of Asia, India also exercises its soft power diplomacy through its vast diaspora, IT and Pharma Industry and foreign policy which values its neighbours.


Enchanting China

China is one in all, from a global economic powerhouse to a centre of Rich culture and traditions, China is one of the strongest nations when it comes to soft power diplomacy.

A strong Chinese diaspora, huge industrial powers, China towns, our favourite Dumplings, Noodles, Kung-Fu martial arts, Terracotta Army, Forbidden City and so on, the list is endless.

China is a land that has everything to offer and yes how can we forget our favourite Pandas which are one of the key instruments of Chinese soft power diplomacy.


Fairyland Germany

From the Germans student-friendly universities and the top-notch tech industry (leaders in Auto industries and having MNC’s worldwide) to Germany’s efforts in tackling the refugee problem along with driving the economic efforts in the European Union.

Germany holds a strong influence and soft power when it comes to public policy, foreign relations and International affairs. (Not shy of criticising Russia or even supporting Iran for JCPOA)

Germany is also a leading player in global donations made worldwide to international organisations along with being the paramount force advocating for environmental protection, conservation and sustainable development.


Connoisseur France

From establishing a strong presence in the Indo-Pacific to taxing the global giants, France has shown strong leadership and diplomacy when it comes to international affairs.

French culture and language have always been curated an appeal for the world. With strong performances across art, film, food, sport, and tourism, France has remained one of the top-visited places of the world.

This will not come as a surprise when one can witness the advanced bookings and long queues for the cultural icons of France including the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.

Remaining true the term of being a connoisseur, France also boasts the most Michelin-starred restaurants in the world showcasing art and luxury when it comes to tingling your taste buds.


Everyones favourite Italy

Sunshine, Beaches, Delicacies, History, Glory and Culture! yes, you have guessed it right, no other place in the world hold all of this in one place except our beloved Italy.

Not only the land of pasta, pizza, Venice, Ferrari, and emperors, Italy dominates the maritime industry and is the hub of research. Staying true to their love for fashion, Italian fashion houses are not only the best in the world but most sought after.

All that Versace, Prada, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, that you crave are the epitome of style designed in Italy to add to your charm.

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