International Affairs- Consists of 4 subheads:

  • Law & Society,
  • Politics & Diplomacy,
  • Economics & World Trade,
  • Environment & Climate
  • Digital regime and Technology.

Youth opinion-Consists of 2 Subheads:

  • Exploring Life and
  • My Voice-My opinion

Soft Power Diplomacy- Consists of 2 Subheads:

  • Embracing Culture &
  • Reviews for Entertainment & Books

Formatting Guidelines:

  • The submission must be word-processed and in Times New Roman.
  • The main text should be in font size 12 

All submissions are within 800 words Max 1400 words. However, the website is flexible on the word count, depending on the quality of the submission. You can also submit your Article in Two Parts (600-700 words each)

All word limits are exclusive of footnotes ( We don’t require footnotes or in-text citation for your original works under categories 2 & 3) [ For Category 1, you can use internal links as well instead of footnotes or in-text citation ]

Authors must indicate their academic qualifications, including the degrees completed and the name of the university/institution to which they are affiliated. Co-authoring among individuals of the same or different institutions isn’t permissible.

Also, send a picture of yours for the blog. (casual or professional both are permissible)

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