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In life, it’s essential to know “what’s not to be done” rather than knowing what’s need to be done.

While growing up, we always hear from our parents, on how to be successful and the storyline goes like this: Ace your High School (10th) and your life will be peaceful, successfully complete your Senior School (12th) and that’s all no more studies, all that’s left now is completing your college and now you will be settled and so on.

But being a 22-year-old, I can proudly say that: Life is never the same: just like the two sides of the coin. Some days will make you feel like: I have achieved soo much, now there’s no turning back. On the second day, you will fall on your face. No matter how bad it sounds, it is a bitter truth.

Expectations reduce Joy! One should always look forward to life and welcome it with an open door.

Whenever we say expect the unexpected, it goes well with life. It has its own way of surprising you. When you feel like now nothing good can happen, it will surprise you with some of the best moments of your life. In these 22 years, the last 3 years have been the turning point of my life. Learned a lot -lost a few. 


On my 19th birthday, I had a sigh of relief that now nothing wrong could happen. It’s been perfect with family and friends around me and with an ideal end to the year. However, 2020 brought a wave that the world never imagined, and we all were locked in our homes. Some were grappling with anxiety, and some, like 6-7 years old, were happiest due to the closing of schools and no homework. Although I was frustrated, I missed my convocation ceremony that I have been so eagerly looking forward to, and we never knew that it would take years to restore to our normal lives.  

The carefree me

I was always the one who never used to take life seriously, not saying a careless one but carefree. Always good at studies, knowing what to become, top of the class always, that was me. But I faced my first-ever failure after my senior secondary school (12th). I failed entrance exams. I always wanted to go to NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology) but failed.

Carefree but not careless-Confident of my journey ahead- But life always have surprises in store!

And it was for the first time, I realised how failures mould you, It took a great toll on my health. But with strong survival instincts, I didn’t back down. Got better in a month, literally forgot what happened, and the next event that unfolded surprised me. I topped in class 12. The uncertainty of what to do next became so clear that I took BA (Hons) Political Science admission. From here, the unexpected journey began. 

Plan B: The Political Science Journey

I was always interested in reading about political affairs, doing little research on what’s happening in the country and why politics is shaping our country or outside, and in what ways. Those three years in my college exploring things that I never imagined were an enlightening experience for me. My college days shaped me as an insightful human and developed me into a researcher.

Then another situation arose where I had to choose between doing UPSC or going for a Master’s. Choices in life are never easy, but this one was easiest. I always wanted to go for the IFS: Indian Foreign Service. I aspire to become a diplomat because I believe, where diplomacy ends- the war begins. 

It was when I got a glimmer of hope and felt, YES! things are on track now- The Pandemic happened- Despair and Anguish was all that was left for me.

But maybe God has some other plans, just like a student who aspired to become a stylist went on to become a political science student ( a good one, though) and from there on, an IFS. 2020 has been the worst year of my life. 


I lost such a close family member, and it was so sudden. It shook me to the core, and I went numb for months. Life is really unpredictable, and from there on, I always remain alert. Not so carefree anymore.

With time, I realised we cannot live in the past. Past has nothing to offer more than the reels of memories that keep playing in our heads. We should step up and look for our present and future because they’re the real deal is.  

Memories are priceless treasures to be cherished forever- but memories also remind us to look forward and keep moving, for the past is gone and the future is ahead of us.

The quote I truly live by: “The moment you start focusing on yourself, things will start falling in its place”. And eventually, every dot connects, every line meets and falls in its own place. Everyone says everything happens for good but ask a child who lost his dad. We can’t even imagine the pain. But, maybe that death shaped the child, so he became a famous personality due to the hardships he faced as a child. However, he was deprived of the love, the memories, the moment, the smiles, had the people close to him were still there.


With time we also realise that people are temporary. Everyone comes along with you, but everyone has a time when they have to leave.

As adults, we all will be used to goodbyes, some will be very easy, and some will be tough. But with time, you will meet new people. Not every goodbye is an end. Maybe it’s the beginning of something beautiful.

Only when the old leaves are shed, the new ones can bloom! Thus-Not every goodbye is an end. Maybe it’s the beginning of something beautiful.

You may be hurt right now for losing your best friend or the love of your life, but perhaps it’s not a loss. You will see it after a year that it might be again.  

Sometimes things don’t go your way, even you try your best. Sometimes things have their own way of working out. Be okay with not knowing. We cannot change everything that happened to us, but we can learn our lessons and move ahead.  


Keep believing in yourself- YOU, yes YOU are capable of amazing things in life

Do not stress about anything in your life. It will be taken care of just like everything else. Take a deep breath and say: I am going to do my best, regardless of anything that comes my way.” It works. Always remember, we can come back from anything in our life. No matter how hard it is, you can bounce back stronger.  


So, at last, my life has been full of ups and downs. To be very honest, more downs as of now, but I am grateful for the opportunity that has been presented in my way. The International Prism was one such thing that came very unexpectedly. I learned that I can write, research, and to see my articles published was a goal I ticked in 2022. 

I present my gratitude for making it come true and presenting my articles in the best way possible.  

So, hold on. Something better lies ahead, waiting for you to grab it and fly. So many things are waiting in the queue, life is just a thick book, you have to decide which chapter to open and which one to close. But always remember whatever page you open, you will get all your answers. 

Life is hard but I am looking forward to embracing all the tough days ahead with a smile on my face, for I am now strong and confident.

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About the Author:

Tanya Jain

Tanya and optimism go well with each other !! She is a shopaholic and loves to get on new trends. Besides this, Tanya has been a political science student and has a great interest in international affairs. Currently pursuing a master’s in the same from Delhi University, she is determined and hardworking. Tanya aims to make a space for herself and make contributions by interning with “The International Prism”, which acts as a podium to voice the concerns of the youth.

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