Living to the fullest: Life as we see it!

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For some unison with nature is happiness.
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What is life?

Each of us has been confronted with this question What is life? how can we live it to the fullest? once and pondered like a philosopher trying to decode its mystery.

I’m sure most of us partially understand life. We say and preach, “Live life to the fullest”, but it rarely happens to most of us. Maybe it’s because we either don’t understand life or get to live and experience our life to the fullest. 

(Ask yourself what does it mean to you to live your life to the fullest? Share your answers with us. We will be happy to hear from you)

But the truth is perhaps, if I may say so, that we miss those moments that make our life complete and beautiful. Instead, we chase the more significant moments of joy, which the world defines and acknowledges as happiness and thus fail to cherish our insignificant moments that hold more value.

(For some, buying a Ferrari might be happiness, for others sipping tea with their friends and talking about old days while adoring the sky is a source of joy)

Add sparkles to your life, no matter what
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Diverse Perspectives

A friend of mine believes that you have to do everything possible to enjoy life to the fullest. Still, I argue, is it necessary to do everything possible to make life worthwhile? On the contrary, I believe that the life we ​​lead can be meaningful and fulfilling even with a small act or a serene and pure feeling for someone.

But I may be wrong, and I am not going to deny that the concept of life has different meanings for different people. That is why we have people with different mindsets in our society.

What are the aspects of a happy, satisfying and complete life? Over time, I have learned the basic concepts of life that can pave the way to understand and achieve a more fulfilling life.

These excerpts are my experience, and I believe they will help you get the best from your lives.

Happiness is feeling a fresh breeze on your face.

My Experiences

Certain aspects of life that I have learned over time lead me to explore the basic concept of living. Thus paving the way to comprehend the perspectives of living and enriching life more deeply.

Observe a day’s routine of yours, write down the activities you set out to do, and then after two weeks, try to remember the actions and routine you did. 

Think about all the activities you did and analyze the tasks you did two weeks ago. Then, ask yourself, how many of those activities or tasks have contributed to your learning, improving your skills, making you more humane? And how many of them you have been able to transmit to others who need support. Further, try to analyze which of these activities have given you the most insight about yourself and allowed you to explore your potential. 

To your surprise, most of us will find out that almost no such activities tend to the above self retrospecting questions. Instead, we spent most of the day doing and performing tasks that did not help us improve, learn or memorize something new so that we could grow and help others learn and grow. 

Don’t Give up! You are the sunshine
Picture credits@ Melissa Askew

The Idea

You will find that most of our energy is spent on things we don’t even remember after a few days. We often tend to spend our brains on insignificant aspects of life that we hold with high regard. 

Yes, I agree that some of the activities that seemed valuable two weeks ago were necessary, even if they were not educational. They were important back then, probably because they made you focus on the essential things. Maybe they rejuvenate you, and therefore those activities or experiences are important too. 

Still, you need to have a crystal clear idea of ​​your end goal, i.e., what will allow you to live your life to the fullest. 

It would take months and many pages to describe life, understand its concepts, and determine the parameters to live life to the fullest. Yet, in the end, you may find that it is a dynamic concept that is almost impossible to unite in different spirits and reach the end.

Yes, I can! Yes, I will!
Picture Credits@ Aziz Acharki

The Answer

Undoubtedly, the reader would have been caught in the spiral of confusion and wondered if it was worth thinking about. Is this concept worth it, or why can’t we just take life as it comes? Experience it like go with the flow?

Yes, Indeed, that might be the easiest and simplest thing to do, at least it seems so. But on the contrary, it has its own concepts too, which, without a complete understanding, can lead you to complications and regrets until you realize it’s too late. ( Discussed more in our next issue)

So what is the answer then? Well, to be honest, you can’t. But yes, everyone has their life expectancy requirements that make you happy and satisfied, regardless of performance and social status. But I would suggest that one have certain guiding principles to lead a life that makes one happy and comfortable, no matter what others do or what the world believes. 

Never be afraid of helping others
Picture credits@ Dane Deaner

For me, there have been two fundamental principles that have guided me until now. Firstly to learn to live, love, enjoy and make the most of it, and Secondly, never to shy away from hard work and working for humanity, little acts of kindness that can bring smiles. 

Now Let’s not contest the concept of humanity. I will dwell upon it later.

Author’s Discussion with his Optimus Amicus (KRISHNA KUMAR SHUKLA)

By- Kunal Kumar.

Kunal Kumar is the Co-Founder of the international prism. He was previously associated as content curator for lawviapods & is now the editor in chief of the column on Exploring Life in the international prism.
He did his graduation from Dr Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow. In addition to being a fitness fanatic, he is also passionate about swimming, trading in Index options, Futures& Equity Derivatives.

He can be reached at

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