Entrepreneurial Mindset vs. Educational Mindset: What do we need?

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Comprehension and apprehension of entrepreneurial mindset in the 21st century can be easily understood from the proverb:

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

– Chinese proverb.

Decoding the First half of the proverb.

On decrypting the proverb, one can find a striking similarity between the first half of the saying and the education system prevalent in India.

Just like giving a man “a fish” results in providing a temporary solution to fulfil a short-term objective. Such an educational system focuses itself on as a means to gain employment.

Just employment! doesn’t matter if it’s a fulfiling one or one that enhances your skills or even the one you have aspired for.

Moreover, in today’s scenario, this traditional educational system finds it even difficult to secure any employment aspects.

Pursue your passion- Dare to dream
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However, no one answers the question, what if a person does not get a job? What can he do for his future then? Or what if he wants to start his own business? How will he undertake such ventures?

He was neither taught at school, college, or home about the entrepreneurial mindset and skills that help to tackle such challenges.

This position seriously undermines the limitless potential and opportunities available to a person. Thus, confining a person’s mindset with a narrow approach and limited objectives.

The scenario of traditional educational mindset in India

Take a break, Breathe in and out. Life is much more than getting good grades.
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Furthermore, I cannot proceed with this article any further without the honourable mention of Indian society. Indian society has always been at the forefront, promoting and cherishing the idea of “score good grades, and you will end up getting a job.”

The educational mindset in India commits itself to the static development of students. This further stresses on cramming up theories and securing good grades to achieve the ultimate objective.

Yes, you grasped it right! the ultimate objective is none other than to gain successful employment.

Why? You might ask. The answer is simple. While the world moved on to teach skills as a part of their educational system. Indians are still stuck on their lust for scoring good grades, which is the epitome defining parameter about a person.

You are the sunshine, No challenge is too big for you.
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An ode to our fascination with grades and marks.

To be honest, if the universe had some kind of grade sheet to itself, decoding about the universe would not have been so difficult.

I don’t know about others, but Indians would have decoded all the mysteries of the universe just based on his grades. They would even go a step further and judge the character of the universe as an entity.

With a B+ and below grade, signifying all sorts of negative traits, a misfit, not good enough for Santa’s gift.

Such is the grave scenario and our fascination for a marks based regime.

In addition, this fixed mindset has been carried on for generations. Solely emphasising successful employment as the means and end for all, disregarding any notions that entail the component of risk to create one’s career path and destiny.

In turn, all of these convictions disregard that a person can himself generate employment, become a leader or even a visionary to solve long-existing problems.

Believe in yourself, you are much more than what the world sees.
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Decoding the second half of the proverb

On the contrary, the second half of the proverb conveys the entrepreneurial mindset, “if we teach a man to fish…”, we endow him with a permanent solution.

Nevertheless one acquires such skills only when the person has the requisite mindset to achieve them. The same is true about the Entrepreneurial mindset.

Which is none other than arming a person with the right set of mental attitudes and outlooks.

What is an Entrepreneurial mindset

An entrepreneurial mindset allows a person to explore opportunities. It will enable him to engage in activities or endeavours that he previously regarded as risky or an unachievable dream

Therefore, the importance of an entrepreneurial mindset lies in fact. On the one hand, it allows a person to take control of his career and life progression. But, on the other hand, it bestows him with perseverance and confidence bringing his skills to the forefront.

Hence, such a mindset allows one to tackle the challenges and solve the grave problem of unemployment persistent today.

This is done by providing strategies for continuously creating opportunities through the entrepreneurial mindset itself.

Read more about the characteristics of an Entrepreneurial mindset here.

Give wings to your Curiosity.
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Youth and the Entrepreneurial mindset

As said by Franklin D. Roosevelt, “We cannot always build a future for our youth, but we can always build our youth for the future.”

Sooner or later, one day, we have to come to terms with the reality of unemployment. We must understand that not everyone can secure the most desirous government jobs or a position in MNC’s.

Why is there a mismatch between the number of jobs and the total number of eligible youths? And how can we tackle this mismatch? are the questions that need to be asked.

Pursue with a smile and engage in your passions, don’t be afraid.
Picture Credits@ Ian Schneider

Many aspirational youths wish to start their entrepreneurial journey in such a scenario. This solves the problem of the lack of existing jobs by creating more jobs and providing for self-employment.

Although, most of these efforts lose in transition because of a straightforward reason that they lack the entrepreneurial mindset, which talks about perseverance, creativity, communication.

Consequently, an entrepreneurial mindset allows a person to sustain through the tough times when trying to mark his presence in this world.

It is undeniable that having such a mindset is the key to business success and building our youth for the future in today’s scenario.

Challenging the traditional notions of the Educational system and values through an Entrepreneurial mindset.

Like Nelson Mandela states, there is no denying that “the youth of today are the leaders tomorrow”, but I would like to add that the students of the past are today’s youth.

Our very foundational basis is laid as young school students. As students, we have our very first interaction with the dynamics of the world around us. It is during our most cherishable school days that our mindset and personality takes most of their shape.

Being young, flexible and enthusiastic makes it a simple task for the school students to pursue things that inspires and drives them. Moreover, as the young students are always ready in search of new pursuits inculcating essential mindset and skills is more manageable.

There is no time much suiting in life to teach the entrepreneurial mindset during school days. Therefore, high school students should focus on an entrepreneurial curriculum.

These students are on the verge of entering the adult’s world and entering the phase where they constantly decode and analyse the problems and solutions around them.

Thus, it is the intricate time when proper mentorship and an entrepreneurial mindset can result in great results, shaping the whole trajectory of an individual’s life towards a successful career.

Remember Perseverance is the key
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Read more about opinions and life here.

By- Yash Arya.

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