The Secret of Life: Perspectives, Lessons, and Points of View

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Life is about discovering and learning new things, and travelling provides terrific opportunities to do both. I have been a firm supporter of the process, and I love going through it. 

My motto for life is, “Change is a Lifelong Process, I can do it.”

Life is like a game

I believe in living in the present while considering all the previous learnings. When we succeed, we grow to the next level of the competition, and when we fail, we grow up at the same level with learnings from the attempt made.

Life is like a playground, and we are sports people to juggle into the ground. Being a player means living your life the same way you would before, during, and after a game. When we win, we enjoy it to the utmost, cheer, get excited, get rewarded, get complimented, get teammates’ support, and gain a sense of duty.

Victory or failure, our life should remain unaffected by the end result

We experience sadness, heartbreak, and a sense of loss when we lose. People also speak negatively about us, and we have to deal with hatred in addition to other things. But once a sportsperson leaves the ground, they return to normal; they don’t show the intense agony or unending joy in their faces or actions, and it doesn’t interfere with their daily life. Life should be lived similarly.

When we succeed, we should be happy, but we shouldn’t let our happiness cloud our judgement. Likewise, when we fail, we shouldn’t become discouraged and let it impact our life, which should remain unaffected by our successes and failures.

Mantra for a calm life

In a single day, we think of thousands of things. Uncountables are useless, and many are both beneficial and detrimental. We become sidetracked from our viewpoint on life when we ponder about them. Instead of doing our share, we think more. What if we fall short, what if this transpires, what if that emerges, what if circumstances are not favourable to us, and so on. These are the things that are beyond our control or under our grasp.

We only have power over ourselves, and that is to follow the procedure and do the necessary actions to accomplish our goal. Once we do that, the remainder of the things will be put in the proper sequence. We only need to concentrate on doing our jobs sincerely and religiously, and the outcome will demonstrate hard effort and perseverance. We don’t need to worry about uncontrolled. This is how we can maintain our composure under any circumstance, no matter how hard or straightforward.

To live calmly, be sincere and accountable to oneself.

The vision of a horse

It’s been demonstrated that horses can see in all directions, unlike humans. People use eye covers to keep a horse from seeing its surroundings. All the sights and activity surrounding him might cause the horse to become disoriented or afraid. Many of these inconvenient or terrifying obstructions are removed when he directs his sightline forward. Humans are included in this as well.

Be a horse with a 360-degree field of view. I’m saying pay attention to everything going on around you but conceal your grabbing tendencies. Take only items crucial for your mental well-being, personal development, and undoubtedly the notion itself. Technically speaking, pay attention to everything that comes your way, but just take what is necessary, leaving the rest behind. That will give you the ability to develop as a person and endow you with various skills.

Attain the vision of a horse! Numerous things might come to you but take what is necessary.

Identify your potential with gratitude

S*ccess cannot be spelt without U; you are crucial to it. It’s surprising to learn that you are the only person who can help you succeed in life. You need to have confidence in yourself and be determined if you want to achieve in life.

Many individuals blame fate and god for their miserable lives. Still, they never stop considering that they may not have given their utmost. In addition, as they blame fate and god, they lose faith in their own abilities. They stopped putting in the necessary work and effort since they began to have concerns about their abilities. Identify your skills and put yourself in the process of doing things instead of sitting idle.

Self-help is the best help to succeed.

Sometimes we attempt to claim credit for our current successes, but it may also be due to the person standing next to us. Look surrounding you; chances are, someone is protecting you from danger and assisting in your success in the guise of your parents, spouse, children, siblings, friends, etc.

Reflect on it. You’ll undoubtedly discover that person!

Beautiful lines

By myself, I can speak, but collectively we can communicate.
I can enjoy it on my own, but we can commemorate it collectively.
By myself, I can smile, but we can giggle collectively.
I can personally believe, but we can interact collectively.
By myself, I can get a house, but we can make a home collectively.
By myself, I can enjoy the food, but we can share the taste collectively.
By myself I can be a part, but we can be complete collectively.
We are nothing without each other. Stay Connected!!

Surroundings affect

I was at the railway station purchasing a ticket for the following train leaving Bangalore for Delhi. A couple that looked to be in their 30s or 32s was there with a 5-year-old child. They appeared to be daily wage workers but were as presentable as possible. I could see they were devoted to the boy and that he was responding appropriately when his father gave him some dos and don’ts to follow. I witnessed the intimacy between the father and son at that time, and the boy was enjoying himself. The guy was hugging his child. At times, he would lift the child on his lap.

The right environment matters for a child’s physical, emotional and mental growth.

I enjoy thinking and observing things, so the thought crossed my mind that I might have received the same love from my parents, that perhaps I had received these instructions at the time, and that perhaps they had all loved me unconditionally. But somehow, upbringing matters, and after receiving all of these things, I realised he might be left behind in the race of this modern era. Even if he has everything, he has the same environment that his parents can provide him—whether it be friends, teachers, relatives, or anything he has found will regress. This is true even if he has everything else.

Lifelong learnings

By all necessary means, everyone wants to remain happy in their lives. Everyone assumes that somebody with a smile on their sparkling face is joyful. Each person finds satisfaction in a few fleeting items and others that will not last long. Even if social media, technology, and other similar things have no real value in life, we nevertheless cherish them. Understand why? The cause of it is loneliness. Being alone while being with you, being alone because you’re not having fun, the isolation of attaching value to something unworthy.

Do you think it’s possible to be happy without anyone else in your life?

The finest thing a person can do is cultivate happiness in solitude, not in isolation. Imagine that you had no technology, no anxieties about the outside world, and only your calmness and secret contentment to ponder. Just start sticking with you if you desire true happiness. Ignore who is entering your life and who is leaving. Don’t think about what could occur if someone leaves me. You will undoubtedly experience inner tranquillity.

Solitude is precious. It brings us closer to nature and to ourselves.

You may have used the phrase, let’s be by ourselves and think about something, many times. You could have noticed that the answer you receive is superior to the one before. Let’s exercise once more: Go to the closest beach, park, or even the top of your house and sit alone without any distractions or technology. Consider the beauty of the planet and the beauty of nature right now. You’ll discover that you can hear your own breath, feel the wind blowing and that the sound of the waves lapping on the coast makes you happy.

When you are free of all anxieties and unneeded stuff, you experience what is commonly referred to as happiness. It appears when you respect yourself above all else.


I wholeheartedly support perseverance and tenacity. So, I have been inspired by a lovely phrase.

“Endless effort is far better than the effortless end.”

There are only two choices in life: either you strive for something, or you just wish you had it. As a result, I’m choosing to implement the previous strategy. Even so, I urge you not to give up on your dreams just because they have failed or because someone has told you to. 

Remember the quote, “Endless effort is far better than the effortless end.”


About the Author

Akhilesh Dwivedi

Being an avid reader, Akhilesh loves to explore new developments in Defence Research & Development. He is a voyager and loves writing poetry. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Defence and Strategic Studies. He is an inquisitive and diligent soul hoping to make a change to reckon with. He is also affiliated with the Centre for Security Studies at Jindal School of International Studies as a Centre Associate. His main interests lie in Security Studies, Defence Technology, International Relations & World Politics.

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