Exploring Turkey-The Enchanting Love Story Of Hayat And Murat

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Hayat and Murat will always find a place in my heart, their magical journey in the Turkish landscapes is a delight for the eyes.

Everyone loves happy endings that calm our souls like a cold breeze on a sunny day. However, some happy endings come smoothly, while others, like the story of Hayat and Murat, take you for a roller coaster ride. This drama series is riddled with many ups and downs, creating a pure frenzy.

Kunal Kumar

Where it all began.

Pondering about the series still gives me goosebumps. Its impact can be measured from the emptiness that I experience at times, a perfect scenario of Post Series Depression. This was my case after I completed the Turkish drama series Aşk Laftan Anlamaz in 2020.

(This TV show was launched in 2016 and consists of 31 episodes, 2 hours each but worth your time.). 

So, I came across Aşk Laftan Anlamaz while looking for a recommendation for a romantic drama (I have always been a fan of romantic series from Vampire Diaries to Bridgeton).

Since that day, my heart still aches, why I didn’t come to know about it earlier.

A still of Hayat and Murat.
picture credits@ Ask Laftan Anlamaz Review

The Love Story as beautiful as a dream.

Aşk Laftan Anlamaz is a complete rainbow of romance covering all the emotions on the love spectrum. From infatuation, jealousy, childish antics that irritate your Mi Amor (lover) to anger, regret, pain, forgiveness, and ultimate ecstasy. 

Surprise? Surprise? (Spoiler ahead read at your own risk) Yes, you are right! Viewers will witness a happy ending, but it will be a bumpy ride where viewers can definitely feel love and pain at the same time. 

Young millennials like me just want to have a good time engaging in magical love stories, for I believe magic happens to those who believe in magic. 

Unfortunately, Indian dramas are still stuck on the idea of ​​the conspiracy of relatives. At the same time, Koreans have championed the case of soft romance. 

However, Turkish Tv shows are emerging as their rivals and creating a fan base of themselves, allowing Turkey to expand its soft power diplomacy.

The story is set up in Istanbul, portraying Turkish culture and heritage and beautiful views of nature. 

Hayat and Murat both have such a heart-melting Smile
picture credits@ Ask Laftan Anlamaz Review

What’s in the Name Aşk Laftan Anlamaz ?

Ask Laftan Anlamaz is the Turkish version of the English sentence “Love doesn’t understand words”. (Sounds like me, who often feels short of words while professing love). 

The series is in the Turkish language and is earning accolades from people worldwide. The show features two adorable characters, Hande Ercel and Burak Deniz, Hayat and Murat’s being their real names. 

The characters Hayat and Murat are super attractive. Their on-show chemistry beats even my school chemistry practical classes (Well, this is bound to happen when two people with Contrasting characteristics meet.) 

Combine this with top-notch acting skills, expression, dressing style, and storyline. You get the world’s most incredible love story. (Writing about them makes me nostalgic)

Characters with a twist
picture credits@ Ask Laftan Anlamaz Review

Decoding the character of Hayat & Murat

Murat: – Murat is a combination of a rich and gentle guy, hardworking, successful, charming, and intelligent. This perfect lead role is in love with her co-worker. I would say he fits the role best. 

(Disclaimer- These kinds of guys are only in dreams. You will feel as if you have just stepped out of your imagination. Still best wishes if you get to find one)

Hayat’s looks impressive and has fulfilled her role perfectly. Although you will feel that the character in this lead role is quite confusing, eventually, she will manage to fix her banal role in the right way. 

Undoubtedly, her role is confusing, as the protagonist always demands that Hayat be truthful and honest with him. Still, on the other hand, she constantly lies to Murat. At some moments, the viewer feels that the entire existence of Hayat is a hoax for Murat.

Neverthelesss, the character is robust, sincere, and joyful, which complements the character of Murat. So even if Hayat’s character feels a bit unpleasant to you, her chemistry and love on the show will make you forget about her problems.

Instant killer glances!
picture credits@ Ask Laftan Anlamaz Review

Plotline- the twist of faith between Hayat and Murat

This drama has three parallel love stories – Murat and Hayat, Doruk and Asli, Kerem and Ipek. Murat and Doruk Sarsylmaz are stepbrothers and heirs of the very wealthy Sarsylmaz family. Kerem is Murat’s chauffeur. Hayat, Asli and Ipek are ordinary village girls who live in Istanbul for work. All three girls live together.

Moreover, Hayat is still unemployed, and if she doesn’t find a job soon, she will have to go back and marry the man chosen by her family. 

(typical conservative views – I was amazed to see the parallels between middle-class families in India and Istanbul). … 

Hayat goes to Sarta (Sarsılmaz Textiles) for an interview for an assistant. Few things happen in the interview, and that is a spoiler…so we are going to the core storyline directly…

Thus begins the romance between Hayat and Murat, based on a lie. Will these two falls in love? Will their love withstand any blow in their path? Well, you have to watch Aşk Laftan Anlamaz and find it out. 

Give it a try!

The way he looks!
picture credits@ Ask Laftan Anlamaz Review

Overall Review

If you like love stories, you should give  Aşk Laftan Anlamaz a shot

This drama had it all – a good, engaging story, humour, graceful pictures, a catchy soundtrack and a beautiful pair of main characters. 

However, for me, the fiery chemistry between Hayat and Murat drew me to this drama, and their overwhelming passion won my heart. 

Another significant aspect of this drama is that although it begins with a light note, it moves to heavier themes that provide a meaningful solution. These solutions, which are meant for the characters of the show, helps the viewers as well.

Besides the romance, I also liked the friendship between the three girls and the kinship between the boys. Family ties are further explored, which is suggestive. The supporting characters were well captured. 

The Gorgeous Duo- Hayat and Murat
picture credits@ Ask Laftan Anlamaz Review

Concluding Remarks

Ask Laftan Anlamaz is sincerely an adorable program (one can see my fanaticism being revealed here). 

Even if you haven’t seen the show yet. I’m pretty sure you’ve must have seen clips of this show via Facebook, Instagram or youtube and wondered who these adorable characters are? Yes, these are our beloved Hayat and Murat.

There are many Turkish TV series available on the Internet. Still, this series will take an important place in your heart.

Whether you are from Turkey or any other part of the world, you can enjoy watching this romantic show with your family as well. 

Don’t believe me? hear what others have to say.

Hayat and Murat
You are Mine!
picture credits@ Ask Laftan Anlamaz Review

Cultural exchange as Soft power- the Turkish Magic

Television and media have always been valuable sources for cross-cultural and political communication. As a result, Turkey has chosen a multifaceted public diplomacy approach. 

Turkish media (television) exports and capitalization have developed as a public, economic, and cultural diplomacy instrument during the previous two decades. Thus, Turkish TV serials serve an essential role in acquiring soft power, promoting Turkish culture, and informing audiences.

Furthermore, television serials have unquestionably become a source of film-induced tourism and a valuable public relations (PR) tool for Turkey. The author loved how they showed Turkish traditional wedding Cultures, family ties, heritage and beautiful landscapes.

By Kunal Kumar.

Kunal Kumar is the Co-Founder of the international prism. He was previously associated as content curator for lawviapods & is now the editor in chief of the column on Exploring Life in the international prism.
He did his graduation from Dr Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow. In addition to being a fitness fanatic, he is also passionate about swimming, trading in Index options, Futures& Equity Derivatives.

He can be reached at kunal@theinternationalprism.com

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4 thoughts on “Exploring Turkey-The Enchanting Love Story Of Hayat And Murat

  1. One of the refreshing TV series that we rarely find. The scenes of love, care, friendship, fight, angriness, understanding, all are too much amazing. The chemistry of the characters is insane! Hayat is so much innocent and lovable. Murat has a classy personality.
    Thanks for the review

  2. Kunal your expressive words and thoughtful piece of writing has definitely activated my stagnant emotions.
    Would definitely include the recommended series in my schedule.
    And as you have mentioned, it’s a potent platform to showcase the culture and the mindset of the society.

    Looking forward for your next masterpiece.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a remark. We(The International Prism Team) hope you found it informative.

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