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When the entire world was rejoicing in their peaceful lives, the worst nightmare in 2019 arrived in the name of covid 19. It all started as a joke and a mirage around the world until March 11, 2020, when the WHO announced the global threat of the pandemic. Governments have banned flights to and from those countries, schools have closed, businesses have been paralyzed and workplaces have become banned, with partial/full closures declared. Thoughts and fears about how families and individuals will respond have become a major concern thanks to various donors, NGOs, and organizations, although the virus continues to emerge as a multi-headed monster, killing thousands every day and even millions every week. Every human on the planet never imagined such an outbreak would occur.

For two years, the COVID-19 pandemic paralyzed every level of the economy and society. The fear of extinction, the fear of losing loved ones, the fear of going hungry, the fear of losing one’s job… The list of unknowns seemed to go on forever. Many unfortunate people have lost important assets in their lives. I don’t mean to emphasize the monetary losses when I say assets. I’m referring to the loss of loved ones.

While meditating in isolation for several months, I pulled out a notebook and wrote down the personal lessons I had learned during this time. When I saw the content, I realized that it didn’t take much to write a blog. That’s why I called and gathered information from my pals. Whatever lesson I write next, I’ve written it with everyone’s help.

Don’t you think that every experience strengthens new beginnings in our lives? Yes, I do! We were confined to our homes for two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, there was no other option!


A family is the most valuable thing anyone can have. No matter how bad things turn out, family is always there to hold our hands tight. Whenever we lose our bearings, their guidance restores our sense of purpose.
As a result, the pandemic provided us with a long break from our hectic schedules, allowing us to spend quality time with our families. We got a taste of how hard they worked to make our days productive. We’ll all laugh when we think back on these times spent together in the future.

Form of love with no strings attached
Picture Credit: @Children of the world


Many of us may have taken human interaction for granted before the coronavirus took over our lives. Spending time with our immediate loved ones, on the other hand, has taken precedence. Regardless of how frustrating daily confinement can be, it’s important to reflect on what our family and friends truly mean to us. As restrictions begin to lift, seeing those we haven’t been able to connect with in person will feel even more special. Perhaps we’ll even exchange more smiles and hellos with people we don’t know.

Nothing heals like the human touch.
Picture Credit: Science Learn


Worrying about the future or dwelling on the past are surefire ways to increase stress. The secret to happiness, on the other hand, is to live in the now. We are consumed with the pain of the past or the anxiety of the future when we are in the present. When our brains are overloaded with unpleasant conversations, painful memories, and worries and fears about the future, we make our lives difficult.

There is no way to go back and change the past, and there is no way to influence the future by worrying.

We very obviously leave the present when we start thinking about the future because we start seeing how the bad things that happened in the past would affect our future. We let the attitudes that emerged from them shape our current behaviour as a result.

Living in the now has a noticeable impact on both our physical and mental well-being. We are all aware that the level of emotional stress we experience has an adverse effect on our health. We can only live in a condition of acceptance when we are fully present in the moment. Only then can we begin to embrace life for what it really is, not for what we hope it could have been. To truly appreciate the good, one must first suffer through the terrible. Being joyful depends heavily on being present in the moment. There is nothing to consider when it comes to happiness.

The only way to feel joy and happiness is to feel it right now. Your ability to be grateful for what you have in life determines how happy you are, not the stuff you own or how wealthy you are.


Humanity, a wise man once said, is above all religions. This fortunate fact was taught to us by the pandemic. Human beings differ for a reason. God did not teach us to distinguish between humans. Mother Nature taught us that there are no distinct aspects of humanity. From rich to poor, famous to common, everyone succumbed to COVID-19’s dreadful havoc. Everyone was attempting to save lives while foregoing money and luxuries. Coming forward to assist those in need adds to one’s good karma. Because we are all children of the same God, we must prioritize humanity in our hearts.

The goal of life is to serve others, be kind to them, and have the desire to do good in the world.


“Materialism” is a profound term. Few people are aware of its toxicity. For some people in our world, the definition of happiness is changing. Having expensive belongings and other comforts is considered satisfactory. But the facts are the exact opposite. True happiness comes from within, not from the outside. Happiness is key, even when resources are scarce. One who learns how to live with less never feels the emptiness of materialistic things.

Materialism is an Identity Crisis. Picture Credit: @goodreads


Being kind is a universal religion and a universal language. Kindness unites us all in a world where there are many diverse worldviews. Every act of kindness counts in our unequal society, whether it is giving your time to an organisation that educates disadvantaged kids, aiding the poor by providing for their basic needs, feeding a stray animal, or assisting someone with special needs to cross the street.

Before and throughout the epidemic, NGOs, medical staff, nurses, and volunteers assisted the underprivileged and underprivileged. These intrepid souls go to the most isolated and rural regions of the nation to offer assistance in the form of free and readily available doorstep healthcare treatments. To guarantee everyone’s safety, every safety measure is being done.

It was challenging for young girls to find sanitary pads, menstrual health counseling, and accurate dietary advice. However, the Swabhiman program’s ground staff served as the messiahs for these disadvantaged women and girls. They gave them advice on how to raise a kid, how to protect themselves and the child against COVID-19, and they also gave the females sanitary products and counseling.


Depression and anxiety are not given much attention these days. People accepted it as a necessary part of modern life. We had no idea that our perspectives were about to shift dramatically this time.
Did any of us ever imagine that we’d have to shut ourselves away behind four walls one day? To us, the idea of not being able to communicate with others seemed absurd. All of these terrifying thoughts, however, became a reality.

Peace is not the highest goal in life. It is the most fundamental requirement- Sadguru
Pictures credit: the school of unlearning

COVID victims who were separated from their families recall how eerie it was. During the pandemic, depression jeopardized everyone’s mental health. We learned a valuable lesson: mental peace is more important than materialistic happiness. Mental peace is an absolute requirement for living a healthy life. Our minds need to be free of the rat race of daily life. Only then can we muster the courage to sing our hearts out and live life on our terms.

One of the most essential things I’ve learned while we’ve been isolated is the importance of taking care of myself and devoting more time to myself.


I can learn anything I need and I am determined to do so. During the epidemic, I overcame the obstacles of my busy schedule, learned, and dared. I learned how to trade index options, futures, and equity derivatives worked as an online content curator, and gained a variety of talents such as cooking and investing. For those who believe and dream, everything is possible. You have a big dream today. Set achievable goals and work hard to achieve them with diligence and discipline. Now I’m the Co-Founder of TIP

You can do anything if you put your mind to it, the only thing that can stop you is yourself.
Picture credit: @orlandoespinosa

Multiple Income Streams

“If you have fewer than ten sources of income, you are poor,” a wise man once said. Isn’t that shocking? This is a bitter truth I realized more clearly during the difficult time for the entire world because I knew that some people lived on the returns from their various investments without fear of tomorrow, while others were left hopeless because their only source of income was also locked down. During the lockdown, some industries were severely impacted, particularly the aviation, transportation, and educational sectors. quote example. Delay self-gratification of desires now, invest now and earn daily passive income. Make sure you’re earning money even when you’re sleeping.

Insurance Importance

Insurance has traditionally been considered a valuable financial planning tool. However, the importance of insurance has become even clearer as the global pandemic approaches. Pandemics are not only a health problem but also a difficult economic moment. The effectiveness of Covid19 varies from person to person, but for the vast majority of people, treatment can be costly. Without a ventilator, the average person hospitalized for 14 days can cost up to 2,00,000 rupees. The cost of patients requiring ventilation is significantly higher. These are different expected prices for private and public hospitals. However, these numbers provide important insights into the costs that can result from the condition. Therefore, it is very important to have insurance during these times.

Covid -19 Insurance
God’s grace functions similarly to insurance. It will assist you without restriction in your moment of need.
Pictures credit: @The Financial Express


Among the numerous global issues that demand cooperation are pandemics. In many respects, COVID-19 has served as a reminder of the need for global cooperation in addressing other challenges, such as climate change. Lockdowns brought on by pandemics reduced pollution levels in some areas and made clear the grim truth of how much the earth has been destroyed by humans. Therefore, it is more important than ever for humanity to unite in order to combat the detrimental effects of pollution and its rising rates. The response must reflect the importance of climate change to international security. At higher global levels, environmental norms and legislation should be evaluated with greater monitoring and evaluation.

The terrible times will soon pass, but remember that tough people endure. Therefore, careful preparation and evaluation will help you overcome these difficult times and invest in the future of your family.

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Kunal Kumar is the Co-Founder of the international prism. He was previously associated as content curator for lawviapods & is now the editor in chief of the column on Exploring Life in the international prism.
He did his graduation from Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow. In addition to being a fitness fanatic, he is also passionate about swimming, and trading in Index options, Futures& Equity Derivatives.

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